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About Camo Formal

In September 2007, the idea of Camo Formal began as a request from a wholesale account that was currently blogging and had a blogger searching for “someone to add camouflage to her wedding gown.” The connection was made because that same day a person talking to the blogger also talked to Judy at Formals Etc., a 25 year manufacturer of custom formal-wear.

Once that custom addition of camouflage was completed, the non-camouflage wearing (never, at all) staff and local bridal customers found it so “pretty” that a few more were made and then when interest began to bloom in every area of formal-wear including homecoming, prom, and After 5 attire, it became evident that “yes” there was a love of camouflage that overcame traditional obstacles to being different at your special event. Normally bridal and formal traditions are very old, very well-ingrained, and not many dare to be that different. When wearing camouflage formal-wear, the idea is obviously NOT to blend in.

Camo Formal soon found that just “adding” camouflage out of normally available fabrics did not fulfill their normal fashion sense and quickly added couture designs using fabric meant for these special occasions. This fashion change in mid-2008 led Judy to suggest that the company fully invest in the Mossy Oak New Breakup™ and True Timber™ Snowfall as the main-stays of the first fully complete line of camouflage and camouflage-accented bridal and formal lines.

The first photo-shoot was in December 2008. Just a few days later, the family had a health crises which threatened to put the Camo Formal endeavor on indefinite hold. With life and business on hold, camoformal.com bloomed despite the circumstances. Customer contact questions were answered via email and texting replies, orders were placed online and often filled from unusual shipping points while the family dealt with this health crisis.

The first full year 2009 was successful and plans were made to increase styles and sales. The second year 2010 was even more successful. Customers come from all areas of the United States and Canada and are as unique as it seems possible to be. Their email names often indicate their love of the out-doors, hunting, fishing and sports. When their special box arrives, they often call just to say “how much they love their formal.” They send photographs with very unusual back-drops such as horses, cows, farms, tractors, and guns. The back-ground in the photographs often contains very green or snowy landscapes. Their groom and prom dates are always in sync wearing camo vests, ties, and jackets. Now several years later camoformal has grown into an international business and delivered many thousands of dresses worldwide.

Judy, owner and designer, after 30 years in normal retail bridal says “I have never seen such happy customers. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this industry and to share the joy with them.”

Camoformal.com offers women's, children and men’s camouflage and camo-accented formalwear and accessories in sizes 2-30 that can also be customized with many additional options to add sashes, colors, and other features.

www.camoformal.com tollfree: 1-866-226-6370 and fax: 318-640-3623

Camo Formal, a division of Formals etc. 4230 Shreveport Hwy, Pineville, LA 71360

Tollfree: 1-866-226-6370 Rush Manufacturing and Delivery Available for camo prom and camo wedding formals.